How to Save Money on Your Wedding

save money on your wedding

Weddings these days are super expensive that many couples would just choose to elope and opt for a private celebration that includes only a friend or two as witnesses. Truth be told, a wedding is one of the most costly events if not the most costly ones a couple can spend for in their lifetime. While others wouldn’t have any problem with their budget or finances, others struggle a little bit more. And for some families, it is even customary to have parents especially the bride’s father to spend on the wedding. However, with modern times here now, some couples would rather go for a simpler wedding than burden their parents with the expenses for the one-day-only event. 

So if you’re looking for ways on how to save money on your wedding while still inviting family and friends, here are some tips that might help you out.

Venue: The venue need not be expensive or have a cost at all. If you have a house with a nice backyard or a friend who owns a lovely garden, consider holding the wedding there. You can also choose your favorite restaurant, one that’s memorable to you as a couple and reserve it for a few hours on your wedding day. 

Car: Sure a wedding limo would be a great idea but there’s a way to save on the bridal car. If you have a decent car or if you can borrow one that’s pretty enough to be your wedding car, just decorate it with flowers and use that for your wedding day. 

Music: A wedding band is expensive so many would just hire a DJ. If you think that a DJ is still too expensive, create a mixtape or many hours’ worth of playlist that features your favorite songs and attach it to a speaker in your wedding venue. 

Giveaways: This is something that you can DIY in advance. You can simply order some party favors online, print out tags and decorate them with a pretty ribbon! 

If the above suggestions still seem too tedious for you, then you might need to know about the top 5 reasons why you need a wedding planner. While this would cost you extra, a wedding planner can make sure that your wedding day turns out successful.